1950s Cornucopia novelty print cotton skirt - Large

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THE cornucopia/Horn of Plenty novelty print skirt in attractive colourway; Charcoal-black, pink, blue, green, and orange! Featuring pineapples, gapes, cherries, apples, peaches etc spilling forth to the hem, it is pleated, with handy belt loops and metal zip. ‘Louben of Montreal’ label

Waist 30“ with 1.5” of spare waistband

28” length with 1” hem turnip available

68” full sweep

Presents well, black has loss of vibrancy to more of the charcoal-black shade mentioned when compared to the darker shade towards the hem, but this is gradual not patchy! Button has some crazing, negligible, and there is a hand stitched mend as pictured which you could probably redo in another colour less noticeably but does get lost when worn somewhat. Zip can be worn to either side or back, so the mend can just be swivelled round out of sight if nothing else!