1930s Chunky marbled bakelite & metal tile bangle

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A huge chunk of fiery marbled bakelite from my own collection, circa 1930s, super wide and featuring a goldtone metal plaque link chain. This is very playful to fiddle with as it moves around slightly! A groove either side suggests there may have been more chain or maybe rope, but doesn't look amiss without.
Just under 2 5/8” wrist opening
1 6” wide but it’s thickness makes it appear wider
Approx 4/8” deep including metal surface
Presents very well, metal elements have turned more of a silver-gold when compared to the goldtone colouring at the base of the links, one plaque has a ding as just seen by my thumb in one pic. As pictured there are two areas with almost ‘burnt’ appearance which isn’t deterioration, perhaps an accident during manufacture as they’re right next to the grooves? I’ve owned this for 10 years and these small areas have not worsened so everything is stable!