1950s Novelty Martini print black cotton full skirt - Petite extra x small

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A collectible Martini novelty print black cotton circle skirt with pocket (!), totally wearable but having had some alterations- there's currently one of these on 1st dibs for £550! An identical skirt in the red colour way was featured in the 'Pop!' exhibition at the Fashion & Textile Museum and dated to 1956.
Waist 23", as seen there is around 1.5" of spare waistband, and enough zip guard placket to fashion some kind of alteration I think to enlarge!
22.5" total length, which I'm calling 'chorus girl' length!

So some issues but totally wearable as is and presents well! Has unfortunately been shortened, and waistband folded in half with buttonhole remaining see pics- these appear to be old alterations! Machine darn thing at the waist which is coverable with a belt, tiny nick at waistband near fastening. White dot flecks to the black which appears to be from printing as it's evenly distributed, and a small area of yellowy marks as seen which may also be printing flaws as there's yellow in the design- similarly a black splodge to one of the 'posters' at front